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Our specialties

Software development

We meet all the needs of institutions with a complete and integrated business approach that adopts software development technologies suitable for the dynamics of the era without hesitation. We are at your side with our PMP certified project teams for your software development needs.

Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation is inevitable for organizations to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. We offer a successful end-to-end transformation by focusing on taking target-oriented, measurable and actionable actions, where corporate resources are used effectively at every step of the transformation process.

Artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence supported products and solutions enable effective automation and operational efficiency by making information in different business areas understandable within institutions. It also helps you determine which artificial intelligence application method is more appropriate within your organization.

Operational Efficiency

We reduce unit costs by increasing the operational efficiency of our customers, which improves financial processes management.

Strategy Development

We enable our customers to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Project Management Consultancy

Lenora offers a value-added consultancy service to businesses with its knowledge and experience. It provides end-to-end consultancy services so that the institution can perform all operational processes proactively.

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